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Alan Fitzpatrick


Overall Music’s latest installment comes from the esoteric, acid-tech maverick Rhymos. The EP entitled ‘Woo’ is set for release this March and includes a serene remix from Overall favourite Fanick.

Travelling in circles amongst a tight-knit group of exceptionally talented friends and producers in Alan Fitzpatrick and Reset Robot, it was evidently clear that Rhymos — aka Aaron Binstead — would always develop an intelligent, foolproof method to his musical tenor.


Swedish producer Adam Beyer and guests from his 'Drumcode' label are set to bring their dose of techno to Tobacco Dock (London) for a Halloween extravaganza on 1st November – it's sold out but we have two tickets to give away!

Paired with Dutch promoters Awakenings, Drumcode Halloween boasts a talented lineup of DJs who are set to highlight the unforgettable night with their techno beats.

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