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For special party on February 2nd

Formed March '91 in East Berlin, Tresor is a lot more than just bricks and mortar. Arguably the longest standing electronic dance institution in Germany, it started its life as acid house venue UFO (launched from label Interfisch) in '88 until opening as Tresor within the vaults of an old Wertheim department store to be moulded by the movements of the Motor City, and shape electronic music in Europe throughout the '90s and beyond.

Conceived shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Tresor's essence is the energy of a generation expressing its freedom; throwing off decades of social constraint to embracing a world of newfound liberty. Of course, times have changed – as has music and its people – however, it's a concept few people can resist.

Most can relate to the urge to break out and let rip, no matter how petty or minor our plights may be in comparison. Londoners especially, hence the interest in Tresor's first ever visit to Netil House (to London as a party) on Saturday 2nd February. But what can we expect?

“Tresor is known for its dark dance floor and uncompromising soundsystem, not forgetting the pinnacle strobe light which aids navigation,” says Colin. “It’s going to be blissfully dark with light flashes! That’s all we can say for now, but you have been warned!”

There you have it. You heard it here first. Those overly sensitive or adverse to flashing lights and loud music stay well away. are also proud to reveal the line-up for the event.

Subscribers reading this after picking up this trusty little rag off the door mat will be the first to know, the party protagonists – selected to “reflect the Tresor ethos in a historical way,” says Colin – will come in the form of Detroit techno 'originator' Juan Atkins and Gallic house genius DJ Deep, who released the first in the new Kern series on the Tresor label last month, plus Spain's Psyk, who'll join a special guest soon to be announced.

Its finger still on the pulse of timeless, modern music and its erudite always eyes on the dense-but-relatively short-lived heritage this harbours, Tresor is an integral cog within the constantly moving mechanism of club culture, even today – and it's coming to London very soon - so watch this space for more!


Saturday 2nd February, Netil House, London

10pm - 6am | £10 - £25

Juan Atkins, DJ Deep, Psyk, Dasha Rush (live)