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We ask the Bromance crew about their significant others

Guzzling beer in front of the footie, smoking spliffs in a garden shed or (as in this case) spinning records to make mentalists go mental is always better with your best buddy to bounce off. Hence, brothers from another mother — those joined in unwritten masculine matrimony — have a bond almost impossible to break.

For Brodinski, the word 'bromance' is applied to more than just over-emphatic male friendships. The title for his label, founded with his manager Manu, has come to represent a fraternity of French artists, reinventing the house sound of their respective nation as a pack of rabid wolves who sure as hell know how to party.

From the hard-edged techno of Gesaffelstein to the raucous rave of the Club Cheval crew, Bromance has deftly taken the baton from Ed Banger, and Daft Punk before it, to push Parisian dance music to its next stage. Summed up perhaps best by Brodinski's DJ sets mixing house, techno and electro into an infernal ball of beats and bass, this is one band of brothers you don't want to miss when they check into London's XOYO tomorrow night. Come at me Bro!



"It was the first time I hung out with Manu Barron (my manager and co-founder of Bromance) after we met in London. We were both in Lille (in the North of France) and decided to go out for dinner. We ordered a 'Ch'ti Burger': it was filled with a typical cheese of the region which, let's say, has a really strong taste. The result was quite disgusting and we both agreed at the end of the night that we should quit the North and do things together elsewhere!"


"Myd and Panteros were surfing at Bondi Beach, Sydney in-between two Stereosonic gigs, when they heard a man shouting from afar, halfway into the waves. It was Sam Tiba holding up his iPhone, with his trousers still on. He came all that way to warn us about a red seaweed alert in Bondi Beach he saw on Twitter!"


"Last year, Canblaster and Myd were DJing in Cairo, Egypt. The party promoter took them for a camel ride and a full visit of the great Giza pyramids. As soon as Canblaster got onto the back of his camel, it sort of yelled like crazy and started walking unstoppably. Myd wasn't on his camel at this point, so he ran behind Canblaster's camel for 500 meters, before it stopped, and made sure Canblaster was safe.