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Watch the hilarious video footage here

Mr C has been talking to DJ Mag about a number of things. The DJ, producer, rapper, sometime club-owner, Superfreq promoter and label owner and budding actor always has a lot to say — and the first thing we're going to show you from his entertaining filmed interview is his views on 'Deadmau5 going techno'.

The former Shamen rapper had beef with Deadmau5, aka Joel Zimmerman, a couple of years ago after the Mau5's infamous pronouncements about DJs being just button-pushers. “Beat-matching isn't even a fucking skill as far as I'm concerned anyway,” Zimmerman said.

“Deadmau5 is a complete and utter wanker,” Mr C responded. “Yes, he can count up to four, but that doesn't mean the cunt can mix. Also, mixing isn't about counting up to four, it's about selecting the right record at the right time to capture the moment in creating extended long DJ mixes (beat-matching) that make the tunes sound like live remixes.

“For your information Deadmau5, there's a magic that happens when two tunes are mixed properly together by a real DJ, and I don't mean by a software program...” Mr C continued. “Now you run along and carry on button-pushing to play your cheesy pre-organized shit to children in fluffy boots, and stop bothering us adults with all your uninformed opinions and lies.”

Phew! The arguments between the two of them carried on on various social media forums after this. So now, two years on, Deadmau5 has dissed EDM — “it all sounds the same to me” — and has released a techno EP on Richie Hawtin's label. What does Mr C think of that?

Watch the interview below and find out — you won't be disappointed: