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Premiere: Dual Shaman ‘Nar Maqam’

Prolific Romanian duo Dual Shaman launch new label Drastic Arts with their debut LP ‘Expiati’. ‘Nar Maqam’ is a billowing cut of weaponised noise and hammering rhythm…

Dual Shaman Premiere DJ Mag
Dual Shaman Premiere DJ Mag

Dual Shaman are first up on brand new label Drastic Arts. Releasing their debut LP  into the world, the quietly prolific Romanian brothers have launched the new label by Liar with a loud series of bangs.

Over the course of nine impeccably produced and fiercely intense techno ranging from the melodic to the utterly chaotic. The label has risen from the ashes of beloved “cyber-punk” label Tessier-Ashpool Recordings, the last release on which was also by Dual Shaman.

‘Expiati’ is described as “an uncompromising and many-pronged account of atonement – theirs, ours, yours” and it does indeed sound as weighty as suggests. In the words of the artists themselves, it is an album of “Frequency-modulated hats ricochet about as gabberized depth-charge kicks interrupt lung-imploding reeses. Midrange percussion so crisp it’s edible splays itself around vocal centrepieces warped beyond recognition. Tasteful bouts of braindance edit mania set the stage for tour de force solos. Equally suitable for switched-on club settings and as BGM for retro Twitch streaming.”

‘Nar Maqam’ – premiering below – is testament to that. A billowing cut of weaponised noise and hammering rhythms it sets the LP up on its course that takes it from ferocious gabber nods and experimentalism to triumphant melody at the drop of a hat.

The album is out next Wednesday 8th August. For more information visit Dual Shaman’s Facebook page.