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Premiere: Kiwi ‘Daubenten's Bat’

London-based DJ/producer Kiwi is next up on Disco Halal delivering a hypnotic ode to the Scottish Highlands on ‘Mountains of Dew’ – ‘Daubenten's Bat’ is a deep groover propped up by resonant, distant vocals…


Disco Halal’s latest offering comes from London-based DJ/producer Alex Warren. ‘Mountains of Dew’, set for release on 12” vinyl this Friday 13th April, is the producer’s ode to his childhood spent living in the Scottish Highlands, his formative years spent in clubs in Edinburgh and Glasgow and the idea of “Cha deoch-slàint, i gun a tràghadh” or “It’s no health if the glass is not emptied”.

It’s an ode he delivers with subtly and poise, with the stylistic nods being reflected in the rhythmic space and patience that defines the two tracks ‘Pine Martin’ and ‘Daubenten's Bat’, the latter of which is premiering below. In each track, and in ‘Pine Martin’s extended club mix, the melodies feel shrouded and mysterious, but somehow remain pronounced and defined, much like the fog one would be so quick to associate with the landscape that inspired this release.

On ‘Daubenten's Bat’ we hear a resonant, distant vocal call on top of a deep, minimal groove, ringing rings like an echoed shout over a mountainous valley. It’s dreamy, but has already been proven to work as a dancefloor filler in sets by the likes of Disco Halal boss Moscoman, DJ Tennis and others.

With previous releases on labels like Optimo, Days Of Being Wild and Defected, Kiwi’s tracks have been supported by the likes of DJ Harvey, JD Twitch, Erol Alkan and Andrew Weatherall.

‘Mountains of Dew’ is out on 12” vinyl this Friday 13th April and will be available digitally on the 27th. Pre-order vinyl here.