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French label release their debut full length compilation

Founded by forward-thinking hip-hop and dance visionaries Teki Latex and DJ Orgasmic, Sound Pelligrino is the result of over 15 years of friendship and numerous musical collaborations. Now, the duo have released their label's first LP, as well as a 3D music video for Teki Latex's latest co-production, a track entitled 'Get It?!', which is also featured as a bonus track on the Japanse version of the album.

'SND.PE vol. 1' provides a showcase of Sound Pellengrino's signature sound and fundamental artists who have released on the imprint, including Matthias Zimmermann, Surkin and Nicolas Malinowsky. The compilation also features contributions from friends of the label such as Modeselektor and Koyote.  

Full Tracklisting:

01. Ben Butler & Mousepad — 'Still Moving' 
02. Matthias Zimmermann & SCNTST — 'Rick' 
03. Orgasmic — 'Diamond Falls' 
04. The Phantom — 'Cruising'
05. Jean Nipon & Koyote — 'R.M.S. (to Steve)' 
06. 123Mrk — 'Can't Believe'
07. Nicolas Malinowsky — 'Skateboarder'
08. K-Lagane — 'Bump'
09. TWR72 — 'Heat' 
10. Surkin & Todd Edwards — 'I Want You Back' (Canblaster rework) 
11. Modeselektor & Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team — 'Negativity' 
12. Djedjotronic & Maelstrom — 'Buran' 
13. Eero Johannes — 'Real Virtuality' 

iTunes bonus: 

14. Jerome LOL — 'Tell U' 

Juno Download bonus:

14. Matthias Zimmermann — 'Jeffrey' 

Bonuses on the Japanese edition:

14. Crystal — 'Get It?!' feat. Teki Latex
15. Matthias Zimmermann — 'Kotori'

In additon to the compilation, the label have stepped up their game with this cutting-edge 3D video for the Japanese only track, 'Get It?!', by Crystal and featuring Teki Latex. The video, starring Teki himself, is filmed in Anaglyph 3D and is also available to pre-order on limited vinyl with a pair of 3D glasses.  

For some further Sound Pellegrino flavour, stream Teki & Orgasmic's recent guest spot on LuckyMe's Rinse FM show.