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January's essential gig ticket!

Initially hailed as the prince of chillwave (cringingly) by the music press, South Carolina's Chaz Bundnick – known to switched on heads as Toro Y Moi – has kept moving, refusing to be left behind by the shifting tides of today's generic trends, feeding elements of funk, house, garage, r&b, disco and even punk into his ever-evolving pop philosophy in recent years.

'Anything In Return' (out 22nd Jan on Carpark) offers the next fruitful stage in his ongoing development, the culmination of a multitude of modern influence absorbed and soaked by this guy's sponge-like creative exterior.

The heart-on-sleave high school sensibility on 2011's 'Underneath The Pine' is on show again, sure, but it's been coloured with an aesthetic not previously seen by the hipster-chic bedroom producer on this opus.

His pure pop formula might be saccharine, but it's a newfound streak of invention – an injection of viscous texture and elasticated frequency supported by wholesome sub-bass – that gives the LP added substance throughout. Never deviating too far from the accessible, 'Anything In Return' is an exquisite album scattered with earworms, and you can catch it in all its live glory at London's Village Underground on January 22nd. 

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