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We ask Flux Pavilion about a crazy early gig

“Playing the Congress in Chicago was really special for me. I had a real bad toothache and needed root canal work done, but was so busy on tour I couldn't get round to doing it.

“We turned up at the venue and in a doped up haze I made my way into the back room; I couldn't concentrate on anything because my face hurt so much. I had no idea where we were or how many people were there to see me. I could have been anywhere, I was just going with the flow and trying not to shout in pain.

“My set time came and as I made my way to the stage it dawned on me that I was about to play a show. I walked out to a sea of thousands of people. The roar was so intense I had to put my fingers in my ears. It was by far the biggest show I had ever played to date and I had no idea until I stepped up on stage.

“My toothache disappeared and didn't come back until the next day. It was a phenomenal experience to be so unprepared mentally and just delve into the present like nothing else existed other than the people and the music. I will never forget that show.”