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An Aussie expat relocated to the equally sunny climes of LA, we say 'Welcome to America, Anna Lunoe!' who topped off a fine 2013 with “Breathe,” her massive rousing single for Ultra Music and Fool's Gold.

The talented triple threat – combining production and vocal chops with live DJ skills that saw her taking command of Fool's Gold's Day Off event – has been called on to hype crowds for the likes of Disclosure and Diplo, as well as Canadian band The Weekend, who Lunoe rocked out with on their North American tour.

This year shows every sign the pace will be picked up even further. Having already played alongside the likes of Lifelike and fellow countrymen the Bag Raiders across the country, and guested at Panama City's The Day After Tomorrow Festival, a new EP is planned to coincide with Coachella in April.

Before the floodgates open, we found out just what musical air this new star breathes...

First ever rave experience?
“When I was 15 I went to an underage rave in Australia. I remember being really nervous and filling my one shoulder bag with lollipops and glitter. I wore a sleeveless top with a reflector strip, and cargo pants and sneakers with elastic instead of laces, and raver glasses with blue tint lenses! I remember the camaraderie between all my relatively new friends - I had just started at a new school- and how we looked out for each other. The bond we formed that night lasted for years. I remember the lasers and dancing until I was in a totally hypnotic state, looking around at my friends on the train home the next morning and feeling a part of something. I haven't thought about that for ages!”

Most crucial dance record of all time?
“This is an impossible question... I'm not sure if this is the most crucial of all time but “Timeline” by Underground Resistance sure is a classic! Bassline, synths, hats, all still inspire me today.”

Three tunes that never leave your bag?
“I play a lot of different style stuff but I always come back to 'Percolator' by Cajmere (very rarely does a set go by where I don’t at least play a remix!), Puzique's 'Don't Go' and 'Real Talk' by Anna Lunoe and Touch Sensitive.”

What's your lights-up, end-of-the-night tune?
“The past lil' while its been 'Sky' by Henrik Schwarz and Jesse Rose, aka Black Rose.”

If you could meet anyone – alive or dead – who would it be?
“Hmm, today I'm gonna say Madonna. I know it might seem strange, but if you know about her early career she came from underground dance culture. She also broke down gender barriers and challenged the representation of women in the media. I was in love with her as an artist when I was eight and now I am in awe of her as woman, mother and pioneer. I hope to one day have balls the size of hers.”

Imagine the world is going to get tomorrow. What are you gonna do tonight?
“Woah! I think the night would start with me at home crying, listening to music, eating and mourning and move into getting bored, running around the streets out of my mind, kicking trash cans, eating pizza slices and hugging everyone. It would probably end in dancing all night somewhere with friends and watching the last sunrise from a rooftop wrapped in a blanket.”

Three words to describe clubbing in Y3K...
“I just had to Google 'Y3k' and I still can't exactly work out what that is so maybe I'm not the right person to ask.”