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What makes Ibiza Rock?

What makes Ibiza Rock?<BR />
¿Qué hace que Ibiza sea genial?

Age: 36
Work: Bar manager/amigo profesional
From: Southend

"The people… you're meeting people whilst they're at their best. Back in England most of them would probably be unapproachable."
"La gente…conoces a la gente cuando está en su mejor momento. En Inglaterra no te podrías ni acercar a la mayoría."
Burning Issue TONY BALONI

Age: 26
Work: Performer/Artista
From: Spain

"There are so many people coming together from different nations. There's a special energy here that you just don't find anywhere else."
"Hay tanta gente de distintos países. Hay una energía especial que no encuentras en ninguna otra parte."
Burning Issue ZOE

Age: 28
Work: Shop owner/Propietaria de tienda
From: Brazil

"The freedom… Ibiza is a place without borders."
"La libertad… Ibiza es un lugar sin límites."
Burning Issue MARIANA

Age: 32
Work: Partyboy/Juerguista
From: Colombia

"The exhibitionism, the freedom and the dancing… it's always party time on Ibiza."
"El exhibicionismo, la libertad y el baile… siempre es momento de fiesta en Ibiza."
Burning Issue OSCAR

Age: 26
Work: Waitress/Camarera
From: Barcelona

"The beaches are the most beautiful in the world - Punta Galera is like nowhere else."
"Las playas son las más bonitas del mundo – Punta Galera no tiene igual."
Burning Issue MARTA

Age: 28
Work: Trader/Comerciante
From: London

"DC10… Luciano's last two hours there last Monday were probably the best hours of my life."
"DC10…Las dos últimas horas de Luciano el lunes pasado probablemente fueron las mejores de mi vida."
Burning Issue LARRY

Age: 34
Work: Manumission
From: London

"I live here all year round so I like it all."
"Vivo aquí todo el año así que me gusta todo."

Age: 35
Work: Entertainer/Animador
From: Ibiza

"It's like a carnival every night. Everyone is trying to make every night a special occasion. People come here to put on a show."
"Es como un carnaval todas las noches. Todos intentan que cada noche sea una ocasión especial. La gente viene para montar un show."
Burning Issue CRYSTAL

Age: 29
Work: Waitress/ Camarera
From: Madrid

"The best music in the world and the most cosmopolitan mix of people you could imagine."
"La mejor música del mundo y la mezcla de gente más cosmopolita que te puedas imaginar."
Burning Issue SARA

Age: 23
Work: Dancer/Bailarina
From: Russia

"Everyone lives life to excess… all the time."
"Todo el mundo vive la vida al máximo… todo el tiempo."
Burning Issue FLORI