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We ask the DJs, ahead of Miller SoundClash 2016

DJs from around the world have been busy planning and mixing their entries for Miller SoundClash 2016. The annual DJ competition, run by Miller Genuine Draft, offers one lucky DJ a massive opportunity to kickstart their career! The Miller SoundClash champion walks away with a Universal Music record deal and the opportunity to perform alongside a superstar DJ in one of Las Vegas’s most exciting clubs!

Competitions like this offer a massive boost for any up-and-coming DJ, but sometimes the road to the top can be long and challenging. So we asked some of our favourite DJs what inspires them; what is it that keeps them locked in the studio late, constantly on tour and – most importantly – passionate about making the music we all love! Take inspiration from these quotes and continue to chase your dreams!


“Life on the road inspires me and has actually had a huge influence on my album. Having a dance floor constantly in front of me allows me to test out my new tracks. On tour, the crowd’s reactions have helped me decide what direction to take my album.”


“I spent all last summer in Ibiza. It was such a great inspiration for me there, I was living with Los Suruba and Edu Imbernon, it was like a production summer camp. I really get inspired by almost everything, but I think I get my greatest inspiration from my travels. This is where I get my best ideas. I love travelling by train.”


“It’s good for me to work with the young generation of DJs, because they inspire me and they have a different view on how to produce tracks. So I really just soak it in and learn from them as well. It inspires me, and it helps keep my style fresh.”


On his brother (Steve Angello): “We have an age difference of seven years, so when he started making music, I was still at home playing with lego! But obviously now, he is my mentor and inspires me everyday.”


“It inspires me to see new people with fresh ideas. They have a fresh approach to the scene. I just really like to have talented people around me that have the same intent and they wanna be on top of the world, I really like that and I strive to look for it.”


“We've both listened to a lot of the same stuff growing up, especially jungle and drum & bass in our teens, also a lot of garage and grime. Although you can't always hear it directly, it definitely inspires our sound.”

Feeling inspired? You can follow the Miller SoundClash journey to Las Vegas on the Miller Genuine Draft Facebook page.