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Om Unit

Acid Dub Studies

The latest album from Bristol drum & bass adventurer Om Unit sees him lean into his chameleon-like qualities, this time eschewing 160bpms for a bona-fide conceptual exploration. While last year’s collaboration with Seekersinternational was an eclectic affair, leaping nimbly from UK hardcore to dancehall, here Om Unit narrows the focus so he can zero in on two of his great loves: the hypnotic sway of dub reggae, and the timeless acid that emanates from Roland’s iconic 303 machine. ‘Acid Dub Studies’ lives up to its bold title, with squelchy acid basslines wrapped tightly around the soundscapes of all 10 of its tracks, and while an initial listen raises concerns Om Unit might have spread the ambition a little thin this time around, closer inspection reveals the rich shimmers of dub techno and ambient that takes it to a deeper place. ANGUS PATERSON