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Premiere: Avernian & Strick ‘Hairline Fracture’

Avernian and Strick team up on a new EP for ROW Records. Hear the jolting and drum-laced title track now

Avernian & Strick ‘Hairline Fracture’ premiere DJ Mag
Avernian & Strick ‘Hairline Fracture’ premiere DJ Mag

Avernian and Strick will release their debut collaborative effort, ‘Hairline Fracture’, on Monday 22nd July via ROW Records.

US-born, Manchester-based Avernian - real name Joshua Lee – and Ottowa’s Strick – real name Dylan Sullivan – are both well versed in the weighty styles of dubstep and hard drum. Fusing each of their areas of expertise on this release has yielded some immense results, with both the title track and B-Side ‘Smoking Gun’ sounding like suitably raucous affairs that will do more than satisfy fans of labels like Timedance, NAAFI, Flood and Kaizen. 

The EP also comes with an equally thunderous title track remix from NTS Ghost Notes host, Impey.

You can hear the thunderous title track below. 

Pre-order ‘Hairline Fracture’ here.