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Premiere: Circuit 900 ‘Bonus Level’

Danish duo Circuit 900 ready their Andara EP on Circular Jaw. ‘Bonus Level’ is a UK-bass leaning burst of tough, intense percussion…

Circuit 900 Circular Jaw DJ Mag Prem
Circuit 900 Circular Jaw DJ Mag Prem

Danish duo Circuit 900 will release their new ‘Andara’ on Circular Jaw on 28th September.

The pair, Nicolas Hansen (Variete/Lattice) and Jens Madsen (Pastiche), have teamed up once again for a six-track EP that fuses a UK-bass sense of intensity with a percussive house looseness and electro swerve. Featuring four original cuts and remixes from De Grandi and Doubt & Tension, ‘Andara’ is an urgent, club-ready release replete with flaring drums and unflinching energy.

Nowhere is this more evident than on ‘Bonus Level’, the EP’s second track. You can hear it below.

Pre-order ‘Andara’ here