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Premiere: Grumptronix ‘Nightmoves’

Craigie Knowes sub-label Wormhole Wisdom continues its reissue spree of vintage Florida electro from Grumptronix and Diode. Hear the searing bass grooves of previously unreleased cut, ‘Nightmoves’, now


Craigie Knowes sub-label Wormhole Wisdom has spent the past month reissuing works from Tampa, Florida electro artists Diode and Grumptronix. 

The third and final release in the series, ‘Nightmoves #3’ drops on 16th December and features two long sought-after gems from Grumptronix’s catalogue, as well as two previously unreleased cuts. 

Below, you can listen to ‘Nightmoves’, a never before heard cut produced between ‘96 and ‘97. A sizzling, futuristic electro cut with hints of Miami bass. We’re glad it’s finally out there for the world to hear. 

Pre-order ‘Nightmoves #3’ here.