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Premiere: Oyisse ‘Skunk’

Congolese, Kampala-based producer Oyisse debuts on Hakuna Kulala’s white label series with the ‘Elembo’ EP. Hear the thunderous percussion of ‘Skunk’ now

Oyisse Press Pic.jpg
Oyisse Press Pic.jpg

Congolese producer Oyisse will debut on Kampala’s Hakuna Kulala this month as part of its recently launched white label series. 

Across the four tracks on ‘Elembo’, Oyisse’s debut EP, the young producer pools together weighty elements of grime, trap and dubstep with influences from an array of Central African styles and experimental electronics. Sub bass roars, icy melodic chimes and abstract sound designs are chopped by razor sharp percussion, and syncopated beats. 

From the immense trip-hop foundation of ‘Dark Side’, which accelerates into a ferocious blaze of drums, into the hefty ‘Ekopola’ featuring Congolese vocalist Sekelemebele, ‘Elembo’ pulls no punches. Below you can hear the EP’s closer, ‘Skunk’, an eruption of dizzying abstract electronics, shadowy gqom and propulsive beats. 

‘Elembo’ will be released digitally and on vinyl on 27th August. You can pre-order it here.