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Singles - Drum & Bass - Issue 604

ViBe Chemistry


Free Downlaod

This isn’t something we usually do over here at DJ Mag, in fact, it’s something we’ve never, ever done, but this month’s Money Shot is not going to the best-produced tune or even the biggest banger. But it’s going to the tune that made us smile the most, the track that really sparked a reaction. Kat Slater’s infamous speech is added to simple layers of bouncing jump-up, with big brash notes and plenty of space between the drums. It’s funny AF, it’s got a dirty bass face-inducing vibe to it, c'mon, let’s not always take music so seriously!


'3 Of A Kind'

Natty Dub Recordings

Well, this one takes us back, sounding like some of the original jump-up tunes that first emerged when the sub genre burst into existence. Sparse and purposefully crude-sounding drum pattern, tick, weird, juxtaposed old-school sci-fi sound effects and ragga vocal, tick, and a big, bouncing bassline, tick. To all the chin scratchers — don’t think too much about this one, it’s just dancefloor fun, and sometimes that's what we want from a tune.



Low Down Deep

If you’ve not heard us say it before, LLD has always championed the rawest of sounds before they become the “in” thing. Jabby and stabby, this face screwingly distorted, uncomfortably dirty track is another example of Low Down Deep’s unwavering loyalty to the filthiest sounds our genre can muster. With a killer bee melody and big, shaking low blows, tongue-in-cheek effects and sound bites, this is dancefloor deadliness in an unashamedly jump-up marked tin.

Simon Splice

'Carousel feat. A N I M A'


In a real statement for the future of the new label, Eloisa’s recent launch party saw the bill split 50/50 not only by genre, but also by line-up, shared out between DJs and vocalists, and its first release follows a similar suit. 'Carousel' is a beautiful, high-flying track with soft, soaring pads and twinkling elements of sci-fi, while the hauntingly stunning, yet melancholy vocals glide across the warm bassline.


'Ghost Notes feat. Emily Makis '

Spearhead Records

We’ve always been fans of sing-a-long liquid. Here we find a vocal nothing short of stunning, pure and clear as a sapphire night sky, punctuated with twinkling hi-hats. Lulling keyboard melodies and sorrowful strings echo the heartbreak in the lyrical content, all warmed up with a glowing bassline.

Phase, Grey Code & DRS

'Still Drowning '

Dispatch Recordings

A welcome return to the soundsystems for the Dispatch Dubplate series, with this four-tracker from Grey Code. With layers of distorted and warping subs creating a weighty low-end, and nods to old school, euphoric rave sounds, which have been slowed and darkened, the overwhelming feeling of this track is one of despair, which turns to malice when combined with DRS’s lyrics, almost a revolutionary call to arms.


'Thin Line'

Critical Music

T>I’s been one to watch for a hot minute now because of his signature blend of the filthiest jump-up the scene has to offer, and layers of glitching tech touches. This track is part of his debut LP ‘Blank Canvas’, and again sees a blending of sounds. Imagine 'The Nine' and '138 Trek' had a baby — well, this track would be it. This is a mixed up roller, with a truckload of attitude, the odd horn and an understated, omnipresent bassline.

Cardinal Sound


Cardinal Sound

This track has some serious vibes, pulling elements from the darker side of UKG, post R&B and dubstep. Even with the help of nods to other genres, this track remains steadfastly true to d&b, with sharp, crisp drums, well-rounded drops of bass and a large shot of those horns that are doing the rounds.