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Singles - Electro - Issue 604


In2Deep EP


The latest EP on promising London label Childsplay comes from Edinburgh’s Vigile, whose take on electro blends club bump with spooky melodic touches. ‘Kreepin Kut’ has thundering kicks, stuttering hats and a bassline that burrows through the track like a metallic worm, while southern rap samples keep the floor moving. ‘Gogoplata’ has murky electro bass and acid, and ‘Strangbang’ has a wicked, steely arp amid its percolating drum arrangement. Vigile’s sound is refreshingly modern rather than replicating the same old tropes, and laser guided to the dancefloor. More of this.


'Alien Transmissions Vol.1'

Pyramid Transmissions

Twenty years in, ADJ and Pathic’s Pyramid Transmissions remains a crucial force for exploratory electro. This new vinyl EP shines a light on rising artists, each track providing a unique take on the genre. Sweden’s Veronica Green, known for releases on Crobot, Touched and more, delivers the moody and majestic ‘Deeper’, full of lush mystical melody. Hatch offers ‘Depresse Mode’, with granite-tough beats and freaky frequencies, Dave Flint (of Flint Kids) gives us infectious dancefloor acid, and the great Errorbeauty & Serge Geyzel also break out the 303s for a brooding workout. Excellent EP.

Espen T. Hangård

'Based On My Vision'

Take It Easy Policy

Norwegian artist Espen T. Hangård recently impressed with the ‘Elementær’ album, full of acidic electro and IDM. This single continues the 303 theme, albeit with a more club geared angle. ‘Based On My Vision’ has an abstract, squidgy bassline, crisp 808s and a twisted vocal sample from a rather famous computing pioneer for extra weirdness. ‘Alfarhythmik’ meanwhile keeps the acid angle, but adds a broken offbeat groove for full braindance points.

Luxus Varta

'Born Sad'

In Abstracto

The first release on Luxus Varta’s new label finds the highly prolific artist in pensive mood. ‘Fade Away’ has pitch bent synths that suggest the mangled shoegaze of My Bloody Valentine (or electronic equivalents like Ulrich Schnauss), and a pulsing minimal wave bassline; it’s affecting, powerful stuff. The slower ‘Souls’ has a gothic tinge, but ‘Drop Out’ takes a tentative step onto the floor with its thwacking snares and analogue bass throb. Club DJs will zero in on the Maelstrom remix of ‘Fade Away’, though: a speedy, funked up take with eerie synths near the close.

Annie Hall



A new EP from Barcelona’s Annie Hall (real name Ana Artalejo Moreno) is cause for celebration. In the last 12 years, she’s put out records on D1, Semantica, Musar and Detroit Underground, but this is her second appearance on CPU. ‘Verd Mar’ is a spine shivering mix of icy sound design and precise drum work, shot through with soaring synth melodies and shades of early Autechre, but by contrast, ‘D'un Altre Planeta’ is more club focused, mixing bass clank with pensive lead lines. The title track has a lush squidgy bass lurking under astral keys. For fans of the subtlest electro though, ‘Promeses De Fusta’ is the pick thanks to its celestial aura.

Detroit's Filthiest / Go Nuclear

'Nightmares 2 Realities / Torture Chamber'

Bass Agenda

A killer split EP from two of electro’s brightest stars. Check Detroit’s Filthiest ‘My Soul To Take’, an irresistibly funky piece; meanwhile, the fast and freaky bass of ‘Torture Chamber’ and bulbous low-end of 'Rational Thort' from New Zealand specialists Go Nuclear are guaranteed to deliver on peak time floors.

Client 03



The recent debut from Client 03 was one of the best electro releases I’ve heard for some time, and their return, again on Astrophonica, is another jaw dropper. ‘Testbed_Output_01’ finds the anonymous artist stretching out over two long-form pieces, a kind of mix compilation of their own material. Gliding from tough electro, threaded with trippy vocal loops, to psychotropic four-four, ‘Side B’ wins the day, with its excursions into bass heavy beats and scratching, but the whole thing is fire.

Jack Pattern

'Ufun EP'

Cosmic Pint Glass

Norwich’s premier outlet for leftfield electronic dance, Cosmic Pint Glass, has prepared a treat for us with Swiss trio Jack Pattern’s latest EP. Comprised of three originals, skirting the edges of electro, IDM and experimental rhythms, ‘Ufundab Ich Bin Durch Lasst Mich Artzt’ immediately stands out with its oddball drum machine funk and exploratory analogue synth lines, ‘Komische Ku Che’ has touches of sludgy '80s minimal wave goodness, and a remix from another Norwich electronic specialist, Wax Stag, has fluttering synth lines, electro rhythms, and a feel that will delight fans of Bibio or Lone (like this one).