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Beyond the slight disappointment that this isn’t new material, the question is: have these tracks stood the test of time? Produced during the late noughties, when Instra:mental and dBridge’s Club Autonomic podcasts, label, and events were revitalising a drum & bass scene that had become stagnant, simplified, and brash. The tracks on ‘Timelines’ range from classics of the era (the melancholic futurescape of ‘Watching You’, the cinematic percussiveness of ‘Pacific Heights’) to rare gems (the oceanic ‘Shine’ and technoid ‘Encke Gap’). The answer, of course, is that they do. Not just lush and thought provoking, many of the productions remain sonically and structurally imaginative by today’s standards. With the cyclical nature of music, and the daily drudgery of current affairs, the return of such a considered and emotive approach feels poignant. Now, about that new material...