Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer share where’s best to eat, shop and party in the Swiss city…

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Adriatique main.jpg

Adriatique have a massive summer ahead of them. On deck at Circoloco and 10 Years of Diynamic at DC-10 on the White Isle, as well as Solomun +1 at Pacha Ibiza and Ushuaïa, the pair are also set to play Awakenings Festival in Amsterdam and Airfields in Romania later this month (June), before their own Balaton Sound Boat Party in Hungary and Movement Croatia later in the year.

The duo, made up of Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer, also dropped their two-tracker, ‘Soul Valley’, via Cityfox in February, the label from their hometown, Zürich. We sat down with the pair to find out their top tips for visiting their favourite city.


“As we don’t live in the centre of the city, our day doesn’t start too early, so we’d recommend getting a nice juicer and making a power smoothie or juice to pack as much energy for a long day ahead. When the weather is nice and you make it to the city before lunchtime, there’s nothing better than a walk at the lake. It’s not too busy by this time and the fresh air is revitalising.

“After that it’s time to get some good lunch. If you’re around Bellevue the Niederdorf (Oldtown) is a good option. There are plenty of nice little Places like Bodega, small Asian Restaurants, but also traditional ‘Zunfthäuser’ such as Oepfelchammer or Haus zum Rüden. If you’re into vegetarian food, the Hiltl is the place to be.

“By this point it’s time to go record shopping. 16 Tons or Zero Zero Records are good stores to find all kinds of music. 16 Tons has a lot of ‘hard to find’ wax.

“We’d be the mood for some art by now. This summer the Manifesta 11 transfers Zürich into a ‘Biennale’ (it’s kind of an art-expo). Of course this year there are a lot of exhibitions around the 100th birthday of Dada.

“Now you’ve seen some of the inner parts of this beautiful city, you have to see it from above too. The Polyterrasse is a nice option for that – it has ice-skating in the winter and a beautiful view of Zürich in the summer.

“When it’s time for dinner we have a hard decision to make, as there are so many amazing restaurants. If we stay traditional, a secret tip is Drei Stuben. It has top service and a wonderful terrace. If you are into Asian food, Anthony’s Kitchen is a good choice, as he has daily surprise menus from the market. If you’re after Italian food, our good friend Morgenstern da Mario has some of the best on offer. We can go on forever; wonderful fondue places, 10 course high class menus, or street-food at the Theater Spektakel, which is the best place for eating under the sky and watching interesting performances. The whole Landiwiese there transforms into a large circus and you can eat in the middle.

“After all this food we have to get a good rum at Bar 63, and watch the barkeeper mixing cocktails. Another beautiful hangout is the Kasheme. Once an apartment, it was transformed into a public space full of nice people, amazing decoration and a DJ who plays music whilst sitting and chatting with the guests. 

“Come nightfall we have to see the clubbing side of Zürich. Of course we have the usual suspects like Zukunft (which is basically our living room), Hive, Supermarket and Frieda’s Büxe, but there’s also a new club called Lexy that’s recently opened, which looks super nice and has a big bar area with very nice cocktails, including drinks with mezcal, which is my favourite.

“If you make it to the next morning there are three main options to choose from. There’s two flea markets, Kanzlei or Bürkliplatz, as well chance to continue dancing. During the summer we also have some open airs going on. They’re not usually big but they have absolute charm and vibes. Watch out for them, the word is out.”

‘Soulcity’ is available on Beatport now on Cityfox.