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Is techno set to be taught in schools?

Is techno set to be taught in schools?

University lecture calls for schools to start teaching techno and grime...

School music lessons have always been an important aspect of a healthy school curriculum — but Pete Dale, Senior Popular Music lecture at Manchester University, believes that schools should be including electronic music production in the curriculum.

In an article on The Conversation, Dale states that music lessons currently fail to represent current music trends like Grime and MC'ing and focus too much on classical music, rarely "even acknowledging the existence of such music within British culture".

He believes bringing music lessons into the 21st century could have a massive effect on some of the most "at risk" learners, especially in inner cities.

"Overlooking this in school music lessons misses an opportunity to help these pupils engage with something they are already naturally interested in," he adds.

"The creative use of DJ decks coupled with MC rapping — an international musical tradition for around 40 years — is barely recognised as a musical discipline even in many of the inner-city schools.

"Engaging pupils with music they know and love is one way to make school feel more familiar and more welcoming. And it could even help to change a few stereotypes about what “types of people” listen to “what types of music” in the process."

With the proliferation of cheap DJ gear and music production software, Dale believes that the situation should begin to improve so long as teachers are given the necessary training and opportunity to influence the curriculum moving forward.